Costs for Patent Applications

The costs of filing a patent application vary considerably, as do client's circumstances, so we are happy to discuss payment options before any work starts. Generally we look for an initial advance payment, with the balance to be paid in one or more installments once the agreed work has been carried out.

Payment details and how best to proceed will be discussed with you at a short initial consultation, which will normally be free of charge.

Before work commences or any money changes hands, we put the agreed payment details in writing and send them to you, together with our Terms and Conditions of Business, so we all know exactly what we are committed to.

In a typical case, you then provide details of the invention, we make a preliminary investigation to ascertain the patentability of the invention and we then prepare the application and file it at the Patent Office on your behalf. We send you copies of search and examination reports from the Patent Office and reply to the Patent Office reports for you. When hopefully the Patent Office grants the patent, we then send you the grant certificate and tell you how future renewal fees can be paid.’s as simple as that!

All work is carried out by a qualified British patent attorney.