Using Us as Your Patent Attorney

Patent Certificate

You could draft, file and prosecute a patent application yourself, but there are pitfalls.

Your patent application needs to define your invention in clear terms, so the public can tell what you claim to be yours and what is protected by the patent. The claimed invention should give you the scope of protection which your invention deserves. The claimed invention must nevertheless be novel and include an inventive step. The drafting of the patent claims is a skilled job, best undertaken by a qualified patent attorney.

Your patent application also needs to describe the invention in sufficient detail. The described invention must be consistent with the claimed invention. The description needs to anticipate what amendments might be needed if the claimed invention is not found to be as novel as initially thought. No new information can be added to the application after it is filed at the Patent Office. The drafting of the patent description is a skilled job, best undertaken by a qualified patent attorney.

The Patent Office may raise objections against your application. A qualified patent attorney will know how best to amend the application or frame arguments to overcome these objections while maximizing the scope of protection provided by the patent.